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It is our goal at CoachTheThrows.com to provide throws coaches with the information they need to work effectively with their athletes in the shot put, discus, hammer, and weight throws. We believe that getting coaches off to a solid start grounded in fundamental, proven methods, will benefit the sport of track and field as a whole.

By increasing the basic knowledge level of throws coaches, young athletes will more efficiently develop their talents. Athletes that experience success and see significant technical improvement and performance gains, are more likely to stay involved with the sport, and thus develop the sport through continued interest.

You will find this site loaded with valuable information from multiple viewpoints in order to accomplish this aim. Check back often for updates.

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,
    I was reading your developing a winning plan article of practice details and like it a lot. I also purchased your coach the throws books. I am a new high school coach this season and your resources have been very helpful. One question I have, in one of your practice plans you mention a shot put home run derby. How do you run that. I want to do something fun for the last practice before vacation.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Conor,
      Thanks for your input. For the home run derby, I usually put a line out in the field, and then the group rotates through taking 1 throw at a time in which they must have a legal throw that lands over the line. If the athlete fouls or throws short of the line, they are out. Last one standing wins.
      Different variations can be added, like hitting a specific box or area, or restricting to only rotation, only glide, etc.

  2. Dave, where does one find the correct weights for the shot put in unified track. I find everything, but the weights for both girls and boys and I want to be 100% sure going into the Indiana state finals.

    1. Hi Bruce,
      Check out the shot put cheat sheet I posted a couple of weeks ago. If you are working with high school athletes in the US, then it should most likely be 4kg for girls and 12lbs for boys.

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