Throwing Articles

Shot Put Articles

Should You Teach Beginning Shot Putters to Spin? – Dave Hahn

Introduction to the Glide Shot Put – Dave Hahn

Parry O’Brien – Shot Put Champion – by Vidagdha Bennett

Critical Factors in the Shot Put – Michael A.  Young

Breaking Down Bondarchunk – Dane Miller

High School Shot Put Rules

Discus Throw Articles

The Wilkin’s Approach to the Discus – Dave Hahn

Discus Power Throw Progression – Dave Hahn

Al Oerter – The Ultimate Competitor

Keeping the Discus Throw Simple and Efficient – Matt Ellis

A Contrarian Approach to the Discus Throw – Dan John

A Total Program For the Emerging Discus Thrower – Larry Judge

High School Discus Rules

Hammer Throw Articles

Hammer Throw Movement Analysis – Amy Jahner

Psychology of the Hammer Throw: Two Case Studies – Jud Logan

Psychology of the Hammer Throw: Two Case Studies – Lance Deal

Hammer Throwing Basics – Dave Hahn

The Importance of the Left Side in the Hammer Throw – Dave Hahn

Right Foot Touchdown in Hammer Throw – Heel or Toe? – Dave Hahn

Hammer Throw Basics – Dave Hahn

Modern Toe-Turn in Hammer Throw – Dave Hahn

Youth Hammer Throw Manual – by Harold Connolly – PDF download

Training The Elite Hammer Thrower – by Jud Logan

Weight Throw Articles

2010 D3 Men’s Weight Throw Preview – Kevin Becker

2010 D3 Women’s Weight Throw Preview – Kevin Becker

Rethinking Your Approach to Training for the Weight Throw – Larry Judge

Training Articles

Six Week Sample Core Training Program – Jeremiah Rolfs

Keep It Simple Stupid – K.I.S.S Approach by Will Brink

Style or Technique, Which One Do You Coach – Ed Griss

Basic Training Philosophy – Dave Hahn

Breaking Down Bondarchunk – Dane Miller

Insider Secrets For A Lean Body – Free Ebook

Back Pain Guide – Free Ebook – Great Collection of throwing articles – Compiled By Scott Krall

WTCA Jan. 2011 Newsletter – Bill Richards

WTCA April 2011 Newsletter – Bill Richards

2011 Throws Shoe Review – Joe Frontier

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