Shot Put Specs – Cheat Sheet

16 lb 6 kg 12 lb 5 kg 4 kg 3 kg 6 lb 2 kg
Age M Open/ M30-M45 M50-M55/ Junior HS boys/ young men/ Int. boys M60-M65/ Youth W Open/ M70-M75/ W30-W45/ HS girls/ Y women/ Int. girls/ Jr/ Youth  M80+/ W50-W70  Midget boys/Bantam boys/ Youth girls/ Midget girls/ Bantam girls  W75+/ sub-bantam boys/ sub-bantam girls
Imperial Weight 16.00 lb 13.23 lb 12.00 lb 11.02 lb 8.82 lb  6.61 lb 6.00 lb  4.41 lb
Metric Weight 7.26 kg 6.00 kg 5.44 kg 5.00 kg 4.00 kg 3.00 kg 2.72 kg 2.00 kg
Max Diameter 130 mm 130 mm 117.5 mm 130 mm 110 mm 110 mm  90 mm
Min Diameter 110 mm 105 mm 98.4 mm 100 mm 95 mm 85 mm  80 mm

It can be difficult to track down official implement specifications when you don’t have a rule book in your hands.  So I’m posting this more for my own reference, but I’m sure others will find it helpful as well.

Please note that there are no age groups in the USATF, IAAF, or NFHS that use an 8lb shot put.  I still see quite a few of them turning up at indoor high school meets.