Dominator Weights Pass the Test


Throwing weights have come along way since I threw my first weight back in 1997.  While there was a frustrating transition to the smaller balls (at one point we were replacing a 35lb ball per week), the new balls, pioneered by Steve at Dominator Athletics are now very durable.  We’ve been throwing Dominator weights now for 2 years and have only had one ball from a gash after being caged.  The swivels need to be replaced a couple times a season and we managed to break one handle, but the bags should hold up at least another 2 seasons and I would expect the balls to as well.

After at least 2000 throws on this ball, it hasn’t stretched a bit.  There is never any question that a Dominator weight will not recertify if a record is broken.

Thanks Steve for your contributions to the throwing community and for the savings in our budgets.

35 lb throwing weights


Does the new IAAF “Tall Cage” design make the hammer throw more about accuracy and less about distance?

female athlete competing in hammer throw
image by MelvinSchlubman

Martin Bingisser posted a great article on his blog a couple of weeks ago titled The Hammer Throw Dead Zone.  In it he talks about research done by Koji Murofushi and others that shows that the current IAAF tall cage design, effectively shrinks the hammer sector to 30 degrees.  It seems the design of most cages is based on the center of the circle, and not the actual release point of the hammer, which is often outside of the circle.  With the cage opening getting smaller and smaller to continue to safely accommodate the hammer throw in stadiums and other confined spaces, this design assumption is causing more (what should be legal) throws to end up in the cage.  Read Martin’s full post here.

Chicagoland Summer Throws Series

shot put, discus, javelin, hammer throw summer competitionBenedictine will once again be hosting the Chicagoland Summer Throws Series this summer.  The 2012 dates are June 9, July 14, and July 28.  Each date will feature the javelin, shot put and discus throws, and the hammer will be contested on June 9th. Each session is USATF sanctioned and all age levels and abilities are welcome to compete.  For more details and registration information, download the PDF file below.

Chicagoland Summer Throws Series 2012