Coach Shelton Harrison teaches Shot Put and Discus Drills

Drill of the Week – Shot Put and Discus Drills

It’s that time of year to get the drill of the week segment running once again…  This week we feature Coach Shelton Harrison of the Higher Power Athletic Club demonstrating multiple shot put and discus drills.   In this 9 minute video, he covers the front throw, J drill, turn and tap drill, and mini glide for shot put, and discus bowling, the half spin, South African, and the lean for the discus throw.

Do you have a favorite drill video that you have found helpful?  Be sure to post it in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Drill of the Week – Shot Put and Discus Drills”

  1. How to you improve the drive kick leg of the athlete.
    my athlete is leaving her leg up in the air and not driving it back to the toe board

    1. I tell my athletes to lead with the sweep leg, keeping it long with the toe up. As opposed to running away from the sweep leg and diving into the middle of the circle.

  2. thank you for the reply. do you have any drills that might help improve that drive swing leg technique?

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