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High School Competition Rules for Shot Put and Discus

It’s that time of year again, when you have to start lining up meet workers and training individuals to run events for home meets.  The Genesee Valley Track and Field Officials Assoication has posted the rules for high school shot put and discus. 

The documents are in plain English and easy to read in a few minutes.  I believe these documents come from NFHS, so they should be applicable to all high school meets that follow the national federation rules.  Each is only two pages, so they can easily be printed and put on the clipboard for event officials.

NFHS Shot Put Rules/Instructions

NFHS Discus Rules/Instructions

NFHS Implement Weights

11 thoughts on “High School Competition Rules for Shot Put and Discus”

  1. My son Zack had a good throw at a OHSAA Meet today, Lowellville Ohio. He had the best throw ever. However the so called judge called a foul after saying he had a good mark because his toe of his shoe when walking out the back of the ring stepped on the back of the ring. Was this a FOUL or not? My understanding is he was finished with his throw when mark was called. He exited the back and his toe hit the top of the back ring….. Please explain what he did wrong. This judge has sent my son into a rage. I want to set him straight,one way or the other.

    1. Hi Jerry,
      The athlete needs to come to a controlled position, or pause, and leave the back half of the circle after the implement has landed and the official has called mark.
      Based on your statement it sounds like all of those things were done by your son. Would be interesting to see video if there is any available.

    2. In my experience…once the discus has landed, the official must determine if it is a foul or not. If he feels that it was a legal throw, leaving the circle and touching the circle line is not considered a foul.

      Once again…the key is once the discus and or shot has landed, the throw has been completed

      erland chau

    1. If you are looking at the tape measure and the mark shows 32′ 1 7/8″, you would read/record 32′ 1 3/4″, as 3/4 would be the nearest lesser quarter inch. If the mark falls between quarter inches, you always round down not up for the shot put.

  2. Does anyone know if an athlete is weighed before throwing the discus or shotput. My son does both and was told he can’t do either competition because he ways too much. He hasn’t been weighed all year and all of the sudden they weigh him.

    1. Hi Anthony,
      There are no weight classes in the throws. Athletes are categorized by age and gender. His implements may have been too heavy or too light, but his body weight should not be a consideration in throwing events. Pole vault should be the only event in track and field where athletes are weighed to ensure that they are competing on the correct pole.

  3. My friend threw discus and they didn’t give her a warm up throw. Is that legal? Like are they supposed to give each girl or guy a warm up throw before it counts.

    1. Meet management does have some flexibility to determine warm up procedure. There should be warm-up period or warm-up circle that athletes can use prior to competition. But if an athlete misses the warm-up window because they were in another event, they should not get any warm up throws in the competition circle after the flight has begun.

  4. I am also a discus thrower from india I am of 16 year old my hieght is 6.3 feet inch . I have problem that the discus not realse well from my hand I havee try many times I dont have any coach

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