Some Nice Marks in the Disc

Nice mark in the disc. Things are coming together nicely.

Your posture is better in the hammer this week, but you’re having trouble finding your left heel and maintaining the linear direction of the throw. Really drive the ball through zero, focusing on the back half of the ball, or getting the hands beyond the plane of the chin.

Luke Hibner – Shot Analysis

Hey Luke,

I saw an email a day or two ago that you wrote on my wall something about asking for more specific advice for your spin… I can’t find my wall anymore to see what it said now.

Anyway, in the film that I saw, you are crashing into the middle, but managing to find a decent power position and drive the hip through. The biggest thing to look at right now is the path of your left shoulder. If you watch, you’ll see that it goes linear right away, instead of getting left at 90, and using the sweep to lead with the hips to the middle, the left shoulder is leading the way. This usually leads to disaster for the rest of throw, but you actually recover in the middle fairly well.

Watch any other rotational thrower throwing over 17 meters, and you will see the right hip lead the shoulder as the first linear action, or they will at least move together. Never shoulder first. Once you get this, you will actually be able to incorporate a sweep that will add a lot more force to the throw, and you will finish in a more balanced position. I would say you could hit 16 meters fairly easily and consistently.

dh Luke Hibner – Rex Foster Open

Te Bates – Hammer and Disc analysis

Te Bates Hammer and Disc – Rex Foster Open

Nice Spice Girls playing in the background… Your hammer looks to be much more consistent from last year. You need to focus more on your winds and connect with the ball sooner going into your entry. Think about seeing the ball at 270. Right now you are not connecting with the system until about 0, which is making everything else late, leading to a crap finish. Once you connect with the ball, work your chin up to improve your posture. Think about having your shoulders over your heels. You’ll notice right now you are laying over quite a bit. This makes it a lot harder to generate ball speed. Lift the chin up, and the countering action will generate much more ball speed. Think about the jump rope analogy.

In the disc, look at how anxious you are with your head in the middle of the circle. This is pulling everything onto the front foot to soon. After the sweep, wait for right foot touchdown, then just sit back and turn through it. Think of it like the hammer, if you get there too soon and try yanking, the hammer throws you down. Same thing in the discus. Let it come around. It looks like you’re doing the right things for you otherwise, just be patient, and let the throw come from beneath.

zig a zig ahhhhh….

Shot Put analysis

Te Bates Shot Put – Rex Foster Open

You are on the right track here. Your entry looks much better, and your posture in the middle is much improved as well. I think you need to work some non-reverse throws to focus on staying in contact with the ground longer through the power position. You are setting up some nice rhythm and positions, be patient and drive the hip all the way through working to get ahead of the shot. If you watch Luke, he is starting to understand this in the rotational throws that I’ve seen of him. Notice how he finishes out over the toeboard with right leg and hip up and extended.