Hammer Session with French National Coach

Here’s another great video from Didier Poppe.  This video features French National Hammer Coach Gilles Dupray, working with some athletes.  He is speaking French in the video, but even if you don’t know French, you can see the positions and posture he is working on with the athletes.  He likes to be right up close and personal, having to duck out of the way of winds a couple of times.

Yuriy Sedykh’s Hammer Winds and Entry

analysis of Yuriy Sedykh hammer throwThis week instead of a specific drill for the drill of the week, I’m highlighting the importance of the wind and the entry in the hammer throw.  Hammerthrow.org has a great photo sequence and analysis of Yuriy Sedykh’s, (the current men’s world record holder in the hammer), winds and entry. 

Many regard Yuriy as one of the best technicians to ever throw the hammer and was incredibly consistent with his marks over 80 meters.   Check it out here.